What is SEO

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. About being on first place on search results.

Google, bing and Yahoo is search engine. Every webmaster wants to be first place on search results. But you can`t be on first to every keyword, because search depends on keyword. You can be on first for some keywords, so you need to choose your keyword carefully.

You can think this is about search engines but you are wrong, this all about google. You can make your site higher on also yahoo and bing, but main benefit of seo comes from google. Google uses keyword filter system. It`s scientific name is Text mining and also depends on pagerank system.



If you want to be good seo master you need to learn Text mining first. Text mining is a scientific method counts words and brings meaningful results. If some keyword used on a page this means page about it.

"Today I gone to school and take book and pencil from school, I am happy today "

Let`s use text mining on this sentence. (also think about it: This is your web page made from texts)

  1. First step is: cleaning useless words, such as "and, to, I"
  2. Make everything lowercase
  3. Clean punctuation signs
  4. Second step: count keywords
  5. Seo is about numbers, not sentences


Last step: "today gone school take book pencil school happy today "

school 2

Now if anyone searches about "school today" , our page comes on first lines. Because we used school and today keywords twice. If some page uses this words more than us then he can goes higher on google.



Another most important thing about google is pagerank. Pagerank is link system which Larry page re-invented from scientific index rank system. You can find data here on wikipedia about pagerank.

Pagerank system depends on links. Who gives link to you describes you. If a university web page links to you or a big communication portal links to you then you have higher numbers. If you have high number you can go first line on google.



Look at the picture above, how many web page gives link to you ?

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