What is Mysql ?

Mysql is database system. Designed to store too much data. Mysql is widely used because its free and open source. Mysql also can be used in different platforms.

What Means MySQL

Mysql is Query language. Like other SQL languages its used for connecting to database. You need to use SQL language to gather data and send data to archive.


What is SQL

SQL : SQL Stands for Structured Query Language , There are another database systems which uses SQL commands.

If you learn basic SQL commands then you can use it for PostgreSQL or MicrosoftSQL systems.



Mysql is commonly used with php programming language for web pages. You can use Mysql with ever platform and too many languages. And main point of Mysql is: its free. You can use it with Php for creating web pages. Php is also free programming language. This fast and free properties make this couple best for every kind web page. Starting from basic to middle size web pages.

How to MySQL

Mysql is simple language. You just need to learn basic commands that:
SELECT, INSERT INTO, DELETE, UPDATE . This commands have some parameters, but you can learn them in here. Our tutorials are easy and free just like mysql and php


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