Php setup on windows 7

Here is a Php and mysql software. You can use it with one click. This is the best option if you are new user or you working with portable local hosting.

You can find php and mysql together in this one rar package. Download it and open anywhere, even your portable flashdisk. It works perfectly.

One file (15 mb)

Compatible: With Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98


You will see this folder when you extract zip file:


Souble click to mowes.exe to start. This is self packed archive, it will expand 150 mb after opening.

Select your language (I select english)
php setup


Then accep the agreement. Then Click Install on this screen. Then click OK.



At this point Windows 7 can give firewall alert. Because installing local server means setting up a web page and its related to internet setting. Click accept for any alert.



At this point you will see the main window of Mowes Portable php server.

loca php host

Click Minimize on this window. This will make php server hidden to task bar.

(You cannot setup ASP and PHP server at same time, You can get error if you try this)



Now hard part is over. You installed php and mysql together. Mowes is great when you need simple and powerfull local host.

You should see this directory structure in main folder:


You need to open mowes.exe everytime when you shut down windows. Look at the folder named "www" , it will your main directory.

Now open it and delete everthing except "phpmyadmin" , It will be your database management software.



Now open notepad for windows. and print your first php command:


And save file with this name and extension:  "love.php"

Your main folder sould look like this :


Yo wrote your first php script. now open it with internet explorer.

Open the internet explorer and write this address  url:


php setup

This was just an examplee. now you can create different php files and open them with same way.

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