Mysql Tutorials

Mysql database tutorials, Mysql examples for especially php web page programming language, Simplest mysql and php tutorial on earth

What is Mysql ?

Mysql is database system, commonly used with php programming language for web pages. You can use Mysql with ever platform and too many languages.

What is Database - simplest lesson on earth

Imagine the database just like librarian boy, working on other room. Just using foreign language which is called SQL, so how do you communicate with him.

PhpmyAdmin Tutorial for Beginners

Phpmyadmin is database management software especially created for MySQL with php, Beginners can learn how to use phpmyadmin in this video tutorial.

Basic MySQL Commands

Basic Mysql commands are select, update, delete, insert into. you can use themy with parameters like where, order, group by, distinct and limit. Here is other paremeters about mysql commands.

Mysql select from multiple tables

If you want to mysql select from multiple tables you need to just use select command with two or more table parameter. this example shows how to get data from two database table.